Fractional CMOs to IPO your portfolio startups

3x your DPI with senior marketers who consistently multiply revenues at every startup they touch. Hire them on a monthly subscription!
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Our CMOs have led marketing leadership roles at
Growth Roadmap
Conversion Rate Optimization
Board & Investor Reporting
Go-to-market Strategy
Brand Positioning &Messaging
SEO & Paid Media Strategy
Brand Positioning &Messaging
Conversion Rate Optimization
Board & Investor Reporting
Go-to-market Strategy
SEO & Paid Media Strategy
Growth Roadmap

Why GPs and VC Platform teams are raving about fractional CMOs

Make founders pick your fund above others
Attract founders by showing off your new marketing brains, that'll speed up their GTM and drive up revenue.

Scale your VC Platform ops as grow your portfolio. The more founders you want to support, the more marketers we'll arrange for you.
Extend your founders' runway (yep, really)
Why give away hefty full-time salaries and medical benefits - when they can just our marketers on-demand?

Low risk. Monthly payments. No shady terms.
Answer your portfolio's silliest questions
HireCMO is your one-stop-shop for any growth hiccups your founders have.

Our CMOs can answer pretty much any question under the sun about AI, ads, SEO, partnerships - you get the idea.
"OOO" shouldn't stall your portfolio's revenue growth
We'll be the interim CMO, when your founder's lead growth hire is on paternity leave or just lost at the beach.

De-risk their growth, when key execs or marketers churn - we'll be your 911 for growth.
Finally, accurate metrics
With 23+ years of experience, our CMOs nerd out about CAC to LTV ratios, CPL, churn, etc. so your startups can lower burn and increase profitability.

Plus, our CMOs will report your portfolio's progress every month to you directly, so you get a complete picture of your actual DPI.
An entire marketing team through one CMO
Our CMOs have marketing operators who excel at SEO, paid advertising, etc.

So when it's time to execute, the CMOs can bring in their trusted marketers to 2x your startup's speed to market.
Open to a 15-min chat on where your portfolio founders need support?
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Why high performers love our fractional CMOs

Karyn drove Flexport's marketing team through a period of unbelievable growth and transformation. She is an inspiring leader, exceptional storyteller, and high-integrity marketing professional who can help any marketing team take things to the next level.

We were super lucky to have her lead marketing for us, building our positioning, branding, and performance execution muscles all at the same time.
Josh gave us a structure for a go to market strategy for three of my startups, which helped us focus our efforts and generate more and better ideas.

We’ve gained clarity on positioning, target customer and ICP, built personas and value propositions that have guided all our marketing efforts across channels.
Karyn is a knowledgeable, well rounded and passionate integrated Marketing leader.

Her boundless positive energy combined with her deep experience were critical in building the team that delivered marketing programs with measurable results.

Karyn worked tirelessly to align the Sales and Marketing organizations.
Karyn is one of the most dedicated people that I have worked with.

Karyn is super high energy and extremely sales and result orientated. She is consistent in her delivery of high quality marketing programs that are focused, impactful and aligned to both the corporate messaging and sales needs.

Karyn will give her time to anyone who needs it, and always delivers on her promises, on time.

How HireCMO immediately benefits your portfolio founders

Founders will learn to talk about their product in a way that clicks with prospects faster.
Transition fast from founder-led to marketing-led sales
Work with a CMO (with 20+ years of exp) to build their marketing engine, so customers get excited to find them instead of the other way around.
Get the product’s full potential across to their ICP
Iron out the startup’s positioning and messaging, so prospects perfectly understand their product and its differentiators, benefits and use cases.
Finally figure out why their marketing ROI has been negative.
Find out exactly where the buyer’s journey is leaking
Conversion rates keep falling? The CMO will uncover the exact spots where their  prospects are dropping off.
Investigate where marketing dollars are being wasted
Remove underperforming marketing tactics, so founders only invest in areas that will consistently bring more customers.

Analyze the startup's MQL, SQL, CAC, LTV so they can create a realistic marketing budget and forecasts.
Find leads who are likely to become obsessed customers.
Bring the sales and marketing teams on the same page
Nurture leads by keeping both sales and marketing teams accountable to revenue generation.

Help teams create content together that resonate with prospects during their entire decision-making process, from first website visit to sale!
Create a revenue-ready
content strategy
Design a GTM-focused content roadmap for the startup's channels (website, SEO, socials, ads) so they know their exact quick wins and how much budget they need to execute.
Upgrade their team so growth never stalls.
Upskill in-house marketers
Improve the team’s chops by having HireCMO coach them on urgent topics, so the startup can find new angles of attack on the market - and win.
Vet the next marketing leader
Delegate hiring so the CMO can find the next Head or VP of Marketing best fit for the startup's next phase of growth.
We'll send over a short blurb about how our CMOs can realistically help your portfolio.
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FAQs - Things we've been asked by portfolio founders

Who will be main point of contact when I start working with my CMO?

Your fractional CMO will be your primary point of contacted, once you’re fully satisfied with the match and begin your engagement.

As a bonus, our HireCMO team will be in touch with you and the CMO every 2 weeks to make sure you’re happy with the quality of work being delivered. We’ve got your back!

How many CMOs can I meet before deciding to go with someone?

As many as you need. Although, our team is well-vetted and generally you’d find your person after meeting 3 candidates.

How will you know which CMO to match me with?

Great question. Three steps.

1.       Our core HireCMO team will have a live conversation with you to understand what your startup’s goals are for the next 30-60-90 days and figure out how marketing can get you there.

2.       Then, we’ll set up a phone call between you and our CMO candidates who have a high chance of being the perfect fit.

3.       Once you both agree to work together, our team will email you some documents to electronically sign to get started!

Questions? Just send us a message in 8 seconds.

How long does the CMO match-making process take?

3-4 working days. Shorter if you share your availability (calendar link) proactively with us!

What happens if I'm not satisfied with my marketer?

If you are not satisfied with the CMO we picked for you, we will instantly find someone new to replace them.

We will work closely with you to find the person best fit for your team. There are no termination fees under normal circumstances.

Can I get a trial period with the matched CMO?

Yes, for 2 weeks. You will be charged for the CMO’s work, but will not be tied to a contract until you’re ready to work with them. No hidden fees.

Can you provide intros to agencies & non-CMO marketers too?

Our core strength is finding fractional CMOs. We also have relationships with vetted agencies who excel at SEO and paid ads.

Introduction to non-CMO marketers like a marketing manager, copywriter, etc. are made once you've worked  with a CMO from our team.

How much time does it take for me to see positive ROI?

It depends on your budget, milestones, and commitment from your team. And every CMO's style is unique!

Typically, your CMO will reserve the first 30 days to do an audit of your business and team. The following 2 months is when the rubber meets the road. This timeline may be shortened with a healthy level of involvement from your team.

How do I know if I’m ready to hire a CMO from you?

Great question. Typically, the startups we can help the best already have product market fit and are making over $3M in annual revenue.

Being funded (by investors) is a bonus, but if you’re profitable and have a solid idea for how much you’d like to commit to marketing, we’re ready for you! Otherwise, send us a note here and we’ll help you figure out it.

What kind of CMO packages do you offer?

The nature/price of your work with us will vary significantly on your growth milestones.

Our fractional CMOs set their own rates based on their years of experience and time needed to support your goals.

There are two types of packages we offer:·       

(1) On-demand CMO: $150USD+ per hour.       

(2) Retainer: $3000USD+ per month.

What kind of experience do your CMOs have?

Our team of CMOs have had over 20 years of experience serving all industries except crypto and web3.

We love SaaS, DTC, eCommerce and others! If you have a special request, give us a shout here.

When exactly do I start getting billed for the CMO's work?

For the “on-demand CMO” package, you will be billed one week in advance, based on the number of hours you need with your matched fractional CMO.

For the “monthly retainer” package, you will be billed one month in advance. Do note that there is a 3-month minimum for the first retainer you purchase with us, and this will be a recurring monthly payment until you cancel.

Is there a minimum time commitment for your packages?

Yes, 2 weeks of commitment for our “on-demand CMO” package.

And 3 months of commitment for our “monthly retainer” package.

Reason being that your CMO can’t do their best work for you if they do not have enough time to see their efforts deliver results. And good results take time!

Can I pause and resume my payment to HireCMO at any time?

Yes, but we do require a 7-day cancellation notice for “on-demand CMO” and a 30-day cancellation notice for “monthly retainer” packages.

The reason for these long time windows is that your CMO creates a lot of material in preparation for their work with you, and having proactive notice  lets us share that work in advance, so you can continue to scale without our help! :)

Where are your CMOs located?

Typically, our CMOs would work remotely with you. They are based primarily in the United States of America.

Can we send over a marketing audit report, so you can see how well ( or not ) your founders are doing?
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(receiving the report does not obligate you to use HireCMO😊)

Why pick HireCMO over other portfolio providers?
Here's why:

Hirecmo vs. in-house marketers :
Does not nag you for any of that and goes straight to work from Day 1
Steps in to save the day (doesn’t take any days off for some reason)
Rapid access to senior experts around the clock for any industry, channel or niche
Objectively suggests what’s best for your revenue growth without the management/political overhead
Scale your CMO's hours up or down based on your current budget (transparent pricing too!)
Hirecmo vs. freelance marketers :
Curated CMOs with 20+ years experience in all industries
Quick and honest replacements if you’re unsatisfied with your CMO
One-stop-shop for all payments so your time isn't wasted with paperwork
Manual check-in every 2 weeks from the HireCMO team with you for quality assurance
Hirecmo vs. marketing agencies :
Handpick specialized CMOs who excel at marketing on all channels
Gain more control by speaking directly with your matched CMO
Ability to hire for short-term projects or monthly goals as desired
Individual focus on your startup’s specific needs
other options
STARTUP in-house marketers :
Spend 5-figures a year on their dental benefits and insurance
May go on spontaneous OOO trips leaving a vacuum in your team
They may not have the right depth or type of expertise needed to grow your revenue today
They may be politically inclined to say and do things that protect their job and keep you (as CEO) happy
You may not always need them full-time but you can't reduce their hours as they are paid for 40 hours a week
Freelancer marketers :
1-2 weeks needed to find qualified freelancers fit for your role
Finding replacements by yourself can be time-consuming
Dealing with multiple contracts and payment schedules for different freelancers takes too much time
Individual freelancers may lack structured accountability leaving you to manage them and waste time
marketing agencies :
Rely on a single team’s narrow expertise on one channel
Communication filtered through agency bureaucracy
Contracts are often artificially long to meet their agency pipeline goals
Attention divided among several clients, might forget your name
Would it be beneficial if you met our team for a 15-min coffee chat next week?
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We'll read up on your fund and founders beforehand, and get down to brass tacks on our call.